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Resident artist at MIHL from 27th June to 3th July 2022.
Open show: 3th July 2022 at the MIHL Museum.
Workshop: 29th June 2022 at the MIHL Museum.

"DOBREZ" is an investigation on folding, on the gesture of the act of keeping, of treasuring, of wrapping. The folds are there because there is a gesture that creates them (a deforming gesture, or a creative one, depending on how you look at it); they model things by giving them another shape, by folding them. They allow the covering, the silence of sight. The wrapping that appears after the folding brings things closer together: several objects or bodies covered with the same fabric or paper, for example, gain resemblance. But the envelope always allows us to intuit the difference hidden behind the common surface: it itself invites us to imagine and to pry. It transfers this tension to what is half-hidden: the desire to know and, at the same time, to maintain the mystery.

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