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Lucía Marote

Resident artist at MIHL from 23th September 2022 to 2th October 2022.
Open show: 1st October 2022 at the MIHL Museum.

I came to MIHL to begin a process of searching, or rather of questioning, because I don't know what exactly I'm looking for. First I called it entre, then La Zona, then la piel del tiempo, and before I started, the title had already mutated and I think it will continue to do so. In this process I am moved by uncertainty and disorientation. I am motivated by the idea of not knowing, of welcoming that which at other times I avoid in search of apparent security, and of surrendering myself to the mutable. I am also inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky's film Stalker, where there is a space called The Zone, where everything changes all the time, just as it does inside my body, and by the writings of the sculptor Eduardo Chillida. Everything is directed towards being between the known and the unknown, neither here nor there, in that zone in the middle, far from the certain. Chillida says "better a hundred in the air than a bird in the hand". The only thing I knew is that I wanted to work this time with my video camera and a projector, and that's what I'm doing here this week. In the exhibition I'm going to share a little of what has been appearing, far from having a definitive form, as this process has a long way to go to mutate and transform and transform me.

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